Ridge Augmentation

Localized alveolar ridge augmentation, also referred to as socket grafting or grafting of a buccal wall defect, is a common dental surgery that may be performed following the extraction of a tooth to help recreate the natural contour of the gums and jaw that may have been lost due to bone loss following – or as part of - a tooth extraction.

The alveolar ridge of the jaw is the bone that surrounds the roots of the teeth. When a tooth is removed, it leaves behind an empty socket in the alveolar ridge bone. Typically, this empty socket will heal of its own, filling in with bone and tissue. Sometimes the walls of the socket are thin and break during tooth removal, or were missing before the procedure. When the bony wall holding the tooth into the jaw on the side facing the cheek is missing, it's called a "buccal wall defect." These types of sockets typically do not heal to their previous height and width because they do not have intact, bony walls to guide bone regeneration. Bone typically will continue to be lost at this site, because there is no tooth to retain the bone.

Rebuilding the original height and width of the alveolar ridge is not critical to the patient's overall health, unless the patient wants to replace the original tooth with a dental implant or the lost tissue has caused an aesthetic problem. Dental implants require a certain amount of bone to support the base of the implant. Patients who are considering a dental implant may want to consider a bone grafting procedure into  the socket to maintain the alveolar ridge height and width and enable future implant placement. Placing this type of graft material into the tooth socket has been shown to promote bone growth, prevent bone resorption after tooth extraction and preserve the height and width of the alveolar ridge. A ridge augmentation procedure is performed by placing graft material into the tooth socket. This may be done immediately after the tooth has been removed, eliminating the need for a second procedure later. The gum tissue is then advanced over the socket and sutured. Depending on the severity of the buccal wall defect, your doctor may choose to use a space-maintaining product such as mesh or a membrane over the top of the graft to help restore the height and width of the space created by the tooth and bone loss, and into which new bone should grow.

Once the socket area has healed, the alveolar ridge can be prepared for a dental implant or other dental restoration.




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Thank you for allowing me to take a moment to comment on the excellent care I recently received from Dr. Bruce Abdullah of the Grand Dental clinic. As a registered nurse and health care professional, I realize the importance of seeking skilled and experienced practitioners when considering any kind of medical or dental procedure. Having recently returned to the Midwest, I researched providers in my area. I was extremely pleased to find that Dr. Bruce Abdullah had 23 years of experience, and 16 years of teaching experience at the University of Illinois. Dr. Abdullah recently performed 4 gum grafts for me, and I was absolutely amazed at the gentleness and precision of his technique. I experienced minimal pain following the first two grafts, and was actually able to go to work the evening following my second set of grafts. I felt that I was able to receive world class dental care close to my home in Channahon. I was most appreciative of the pain free care I received both during and following the procedures. I would highly recommend Dr. Abdullah to any patient considering a dental procedure, and I would like to thank Dr. Abdullah and his staff for their excellent technique and considerate care approach.

Submitted with much appreciation and respect,

Ann. L, BSN

Dear Dr Abdullah,

In 2000 and 2001, I had two different implants fail and cause me quite a bit of discomfort. While I knew that I needed yet another implant, I was hesitant and put it off for several years. However, my daughter, Dr L. (a general dentist) encouraged me by speaking so highly of your skills. Knowing that she is straightforward to a fault, I scheduled an implant with you on October 31st, 2012. I simply couldn't have been more pleased with the outcome. The procedure caused me no pain and healed in less than a week with no bruising or discomfort of any kind. Thank you so much for performing the implant with such skill. In addition, your mannerism put me at ease. I can and will recommend you as a gifted periodontist.


Linda L.

Dear Dr Abdullah,
There is no word that can ever express our gratitude to you for such generosity and loving care you have given to us. In your magical hands, the seemingly terrifying medical procedures turned in to a moving, heartwarming experience for us to treasure. We can only consider ourselves the luckiest people because of having such a dear doctor like you. You have given us back the joy of living with healthy teeth. Thank you!!!
With warmest thoughts and best wishes to you.

Esther & Frank C.

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